Sheffield's Finest Biodynamic and Organic Veg and Fruit Delivered Farm Fresh to Your Door. We believe that the variety and quality of the veg and fruit in each bag is second to none.
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Sheffield's Finest biodynamic & organic veg Box scheme

Here in the beautiful Moss Valley, south Sheffield, we work in harmony with the land to produce fabulously fresh and tasty vegetables, fruit and herbs. Our locally grown organic produce is available via a Vegetable Bag Delivery Scheme, serving the western half of Sheffield.

We strive to bring you the most personalised service possible, with ample opportunity to customise your veg bag, with no hidden charges. The variety and quality of fruit and veg in each bag is second to none. 

Moss Valley Market Garden was set up by Martin Bradshaw at the beginning of 2012.  The market garden produce is Demeter registered as fully organic and biodynamic.  

The Veg Bag Scheme is registered as fully organic with the Biodynamic Association.  We use purely natural growing techniques and follow the rhythms of nature to ensure that the produce is brimming with health and vitality.

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Best veg box scheme ever!
The produce is zingy-fresh, crisp and bursting with life.
— Susanna & Steve, Meersbrook
“Hi, my name is Martin Bradshaw, the man behind Moss Valley Market Garden. Welcome to our website, I hope we can help to fulfil all of your veggie needs. All of the food produced on our land is certified organic and Biodynamic, to learn more, click on the images below.”

“Hi, my name is Martin Bradshaw, the man behind Moss Valley Market Garden. Welcome to our website, I hope we can help to fulfil all of your veggie needs. All of the food produced on our land is certified organic and Biodynamic, to learn more, click on the images below.”

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Choosing your veg Bag

We offer an outstanding choice of organic certified vegetable bags which can be tailored to your needs.  There are 4 sizes of vegetable bag priced between £11 and £21.50 (see below).   Produce is sourced as locally as possible, with a large proportion of the produce being grown here in the market garden or sourced from other growers in Sheffield.   During the peak harvesting time of the summer months at least 90% of the vegetable produce is grown here at the market garden.

Ordering is simple; follow steps 1-4 below and check you live within the delivery area. Then once you've decided on your order, contact Martin (see Contact Us page). We will get your first bag delivered to you within a few days and you will be cooking with Sheffield's best organic produce before you know it!

Payment is by cash on delivery or bank transfer / standing order.

Delivery days - delivery is on a Thursday or Friday, depending on where you live.

Click here to see where we deliver or see below for more information. 

I love my Moss Valley Market Garden veg bag. Every week is an adventure when my veg bag arrives.
— Dalbinder, Hunters Bar

1. Choose from 4 sizes of VEG bag

  • Mini Bag (approx 10 varieties) - £11

  • Small Bag (approx 11 varieties) - £14

  • Medium bag (approx 12 varieties) - £16.50

  • Large bag (approx 14 varieties) - £21.50

2. Choose from 4 combinations

  • Vegetables only

  • Vegetables and Salads - salads include mixed leaf salad bag plus tomatoes / cucumber / pepper / mushrooms

  • Vegetables and Fruit

  • Vegetables, Salads and Fruit



3. Personalise your bag

Personalise your bag at no extra charge - for example, you may want no potatoes, a pepper every week, or less bananas than the standard amount.  There is no limit to how much you can personalise your bag.

Regular items in our bags include:

  • Vegetables - potatoes, carrots, onions, leafy greens (eg. spinach, kale, cabbage, chard)

  • Salads - locally grown mixed salad leaf bag, tomatoes / cucumber / pepper / mushrooms

  • Fruit - apples and bananas

{If any of these regular items aren't for you, please let us know. Staple items may be subject to change according to availability}



4. Add Extras - eggs and bread


Locally baked bread

Delicious and wholesome granary and wholemeal loaves (not organic certified).  

Freshly baked by Perfectionary on Sharrow Vale Road.

Available in:

  • Wholemeal

    • Small Tin / Artisan - £2.30

    • Large Tin / Artisam - £3.30

  • Granary:

    • Small Tin / Artisan - £2.50

    • Large Tin / Artisan - £3.50

organic eggs

Large, organic free range eggs.

  • £2.20 per half-dozen


(Please note that extras are not included in the first bag half-price offer).


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If you live in the green area below, bags are delivered free of charge to your doorstep. We are happy to leave your bag in a safe place or with a neighbour, just specify when ordering.

Bags are delivered weekly or fortnightly depending on your preference.


Live outside the delivery area? Don't worry, veg bag collection is also possible from Moss Valley Market Garden (address below - contact us). Alternatively, have your bag delivered to a friend or family member, who lives in the green area.

• Walkley • Crookes • Wisewood • Hillsborough • Middlewood • Stannington • Malin Bridge • Broomhill • Broomhall • Hunters Bar • Endcliffe • Sharrow • Greystones • Bannercross • Millhouses • Nether Edge • Meersbrook • Heeley • Woodseats • Greenhill • Jordanthorpe • Lowedges • Norton   { Please enquire for neighbouring areas }

• Walkley • Crookes • Wisewood • Hillsborough • Middlewood • Stannington • Malin Bridge • Broomhill • Broomhall • Hunters Bar • Endcliffe • Sharrow • Greystones • Bannercross • Millhouses • Nether Edge • Meersbrook • Heeley • Woodseats • Greenhill • Jordanthorpe • Lowedges • Norton  { Please enquire for neighbouring areas }

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To order your personalised veg bag, just give Martin a call and he will be able to take your order. It's good to talk!

Or if an email is easier, use the details below.

Call Martin Bradshaw: 07890 558098



By car or tractor

We are 1 mile down Lightwood Lane from the roundabout at the junction of Lightwood Lane, Bochum Parkway and Norton Avenue. Look out for the Sheffield Organic Growers sign on the wooden gate on the left, opposite a layby on the right.  Please park in the car park.

By tram
Herdings Park tram stop is near Norton Avenue, approx  2km (1.25 miles) walk.

Visits are by appointment only.

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Customer satisfaction


Please enjoy reading the thoughts of our happy customers...

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Fresh, tailor made straight to your Door

Best veg box scheme ever!
The produce is zingy-fresh, crisp and bursting with life. The salad bags contain an amazing variety of leaves, plus edible flowers and herbs. We also love the fact that you can tailor your order, take a break if on holiday and it is delivered to your door.
— Susanna and Steve, Meersbrook
I am so glad I decided to give this a try. Customer service is always excellent, friendly and reliable. I look forward to discovering what’s in my veg bag! Thank you.
— Jo, Woodseats

Locally Produced without exploiting the land

I like knowing that my veg is grown locally and has not travelled for miles. To be able to visit Moss Valley Market Garden for the Open Days and meet like-minded people. To know that a little bit of land is being nurtured not exploited in the Sheffield area.
— Robert & Judith, Nether Edge
Amounts in the bag are generous, the produce is fresh and full of love. Great to know it comes from a local source and from a grower that loves what he does.
— Sarah, Meersbrook


Far better than supermarket veg

The quality of the produce is fantastic, far better than anything we have previously bought from supermarkets. We love the variety in the veg bags, including being able to try new things.
— Becci and Charles, Malin Bridge
It is wonderful to have such good quality vegetables delivered to the door each week and I am full of admiration for Martin for developing an enterprise which benefits so many people and the land.
— Phillipa and David, Crookesmoor
Martin is a genuine producer of an excellent range of organic fruit and vegetables. He offers flexibility in choice of produce and has a reliable and punctual delivery service. Buy from him and you help the community.
— Matt and Charina, Malin Bridge

The land, the people, the produce